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Abstract Background

Thriving in the Age Of Data & Automation

Simplify Complexity.

Clarify Ambiguity.

Achieve Better Outcomes.


We are experts in helping firms grow, transform and improve continuously by leveraging data & automation to the fullest extent.

New products, markets & segments

  • Turning ideas into MVP quickly with low or no-code.

  • Modeling growth accurately without assumptions.

  • Experimenting with GTM strategies.

  • Testing demand and refining product with feedback loops.

  • Pricing and packaging based on real usage.

  • Launching at scale.

Optimized process, systems & playbook

  • Reinventing IT with pure data, and automation.

  • Redesigning  application stacks for agility. 

  • Eliminating waste and redundancy in processes and workflows.

  • Embedding real-time Analytics/ML into operations and decisions.

  • Coaching teams to maturity on Lean + Agile

Continuous improvement initiatives

  • Instrumenting the business for continuous monitoring of events & metrics.

  • Defining a metrics framework to understand causes and effects.

  • Identifying opportunities for improvement and designing initiatives for addressing them.

  • Turning opportunities to reality with targeted initiatives.

How We Engage

In addition to traditional consulting, we offer XaaS (Anything-as-a-Service) for flexible, long-term commitments with our clients


Traditional Consulting

We can engage as a Consultant, Advisor, PMO, Architect, fractional CxO or any other role depending on project needs. As full-lifecycle consultants, we bring a mix of  strategy, technology & operational expertise.



A 3-tier service for on-demand analytics priced upon complexity and determined on a monthly basis. Ideal for Continuous Improvement projects.



Launching new products with low or no-code. These are typically 3 to 6 months projects from concept to MVP, with continued support and enhancements on monthly terms. Ideal for growth & incubation..

About Us

Located in Princeton, NJ, we serve startups, mid-markets and large enterprises in US.


Our clients are in different stages of Digital and Data maturity.  We help them with incremental or radical uplift- depending on their appetite for change.


We are full-lifecycle consultants engaged in strategy, technology and operationalization of large initiatives. We are best at "bottom-up" strategies which requires extensive data analysis to validate top-down strategies.

Lets Engage

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