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Consulting solutions for the intelligent age




Continuous Improvement


Full-lifecycle consulting to innovate, transform and improve your business continuously with data & intelligent automation.


New products & segments

  • Turn concepts to MVP quickly

  • Forecast growth accurately

  • Experiment with GTM strategies

  • Test demand & pricing

  • Find high-value markets and segments

  • Launch at scale

  • Prepare for continuous improvement


Automated platformsplaybook

  • Reinvent IT with pure data, and automation

  • Re-architect for rapid change

  • Eliminate waste and redundancy in processes

  • Embed real-time intelligence into operations

  • Decide with real-data and bottom-up models

  • Lower opex with a lean stack

  • Mature on Agile and SAFE


Track, measure & improve

  • Define the right metrics, KPIs and OKRs to measure, monitor and improve 

  • Instrument data sources for real-time streaming events

  • Perform BI in-a-box without stacking up a team of engineers & scientists

  • Identify opportunities for improvement and action plans

  • Execute improvement initatives

Flexible engagement models

In addition to traditional consulting, we offer XaaS (Anything-as-a-Service) for flexible, long-term partnerships


Traditional Consulting

We can engage as a Consultant, Advisor, PMO, Architect, fractional CxO or any other role depending on project needs. As full-lifecycle consultants, we bring a mix of  strategy, technology & operational expertise.



A 3-tier service for on-demand analytics priced upon complexity and determined on a monthly basis. Ideal for Continuous Improvement projects.



Launching new products with low or no-code. These are typically 3 to 6 months projects from concept to MVP, with continued support and enhancements on monthly terms. Ideal for growth & incubation projects

"Combinatree is a uniquely flexible and creative consulting group. Sanjay has prescient vision as well as deep experience in a range of specialties, giving his team the ability to ride the wave of new technology while creating solid efficient solutions. Responsible, responsive, clear and communicative ... great to work with."

John Reaves, VP Health Futures, cWave

About Us

Located in Princeton, NJ, we serve startups, mid-markets and large enterprises in US. We are within commutable distance to NYC and Philadelphia.

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