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Consulting services for progressive adoption of AI in products, decisions, and operations.


Accelerate product launches with our authoritative playbook utilizing Agile AI and No-Code. We expedite development with swift iterations and market experiments, bringing concepts to MVP economically and efficiently.


Visit for an example. Concept to MVP with Agile AI. 


Simplify decisions with business observability platforms & predictive models. We enable real-time monitoring, decision analytics, insights & actions - often with AI. Make informed decisions, with confidence.


Download our track record in cable/media industry.


Improve operations through our step-by-step AI enablement playbook. Starting with a  "lite approach," we seamlessly guide your transition from AI-assisted to auto-pilot, optimizing your IT footprint for substantial gains.


Download our paper on adaptive digital marketing with AI.

"Combinatree is a uniquely flexible and creative consulting group. Sanjay has prescient vision as well as deep experience in a range of specialties, giving his team the ability to ride the wave of new technology while creating solid efficient solutions. Responsible, responsive, clear and communicative ... great to work with."

John Reaves, VP Health Futures, cWave
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